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Jeffery Lamb, Cardiology Patient

Simple chest pain led to TAVR and WATCHMAN procedures

Jeffrey Lamb


Jeffery: I thought I was a pretty healthy guy until I worked in the yard and I felt some chest pain. I went to Summa and they evaluated that I needed a stent, and Dr. Pelini suggested the WATCHMAN™, which kept me off the blood thinners.

They looked at the rest of the heart and my valve was 30% smaller than it should have been. I met Dr. Dunn, and he said that I would be a good candidate for the TAVR procedure. I was just amazed that they didn't have to do open heart surgery to replace the valve. The TAVR and the WATCHMAN™ was like miracles to me.

I'm alive today 'cause Summa recognized the problems with my heart. I'm gonna come out of retirement and go back to work next summer.


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