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Jim Riter

A new lifestyle & a new perspective after receiving cardiac care

Jim Riter


Jim: I was the poster child for what not to do. I smoked, I didn't eat right, and I didn't exercise. I started getting chest pains, numbness, blurred vision. And out of the blue, I experienced a heart attack. And I was taken by ambulance to Summa Health. Within minutes they took me to the cath lab and installed three stents.

My cardiologist definitely saved my life that day, and I'm so grateful for the entire team. Dr. Bittenbender has been great in keeping me on a heart-healthy lifestyle, and I also look at him as a great friend.

Thanks to the cardiovascular rehab program at Summa Health, I quit smoking, I started a good diet, and I even built a gym in my basement. Today life is great. I'm spending a lot more time with my family, and I have a lot to live for.

My advice to other men would be to recognize signs of a heart attack and get out there and exercise every day. It's not going to hurt you.


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