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Karlise Brown

Sings Dr. Isada's praises for healing her heart

Karlise Brown


Karlise: I'm a professional singer, but high blood pressure, kidney disease, anemia, these problems were keeping me from what I love to do. Thank goodness I found Dr. Isada at Summa Health.

Dr Isada is a real investigator. She left no stone unturned in finding out what the problem was. Thanks to her care, I went from eight different blood pressure medications down to just three. And now with my blood pressure under control, I can sing anywhere, anytime.

My singing is my ministry. That is how I reach out and give back. Now that Dr. Isada helped heal my heart, I can continue to touch other hearts through my singing.

My stage name is "Star," and now that my health is under control, I feel like a star, thanks to Dr. Isada.


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