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Kelly Smith

Grateful for life-saving care during a heart attack

Kelly Smith


Kelly: I'd been having heartburn for two weeks, and I woke up one Sunday, and it was really bad, and it wouldn't go away. And I called my friend to take me to the Summa Green Emergency Room. I remember pulling into the parking lot. Apparently that's when I had a heart attack was in my friend's car. From there they rushed me to Summa Akron where I met Dr. Silver and his team. My widowmaker was 100% blocked, and they put a stent in to free the blockage.

I owe that team my life. They truly are angels. They saved my life. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them.

I have to live for my son and for my grandson, they complete my life. And Dr. Silver gave me that back.

My message for heart health for women would be if something is going on and it doesn't feel right, please get it checked out. It could just save your life.


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