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Thomas Study

Back to 100% after TAVR procedure

Tom Study


Tom: I was having trouble breathing and could barely walk. I went to Summa for heart catheterization. The heart valve was not working right, and there was another artery that was one hundred percent blocked.

Dr. Bittenbender and Dunn said that instead of open-heart surgery, I was a candidate for this TAVR valve procedure. Soon as they put that heart valve in, my heart function improved dramatically right there on the operating table.

I think even the nurses were amazing as I was up walking around. You couldn't believe it. Dr. Dunn looks so young I had to ask him if he was a doctor or not. That whole ICU was just fantastic.

The TAVR procedure is a miracle. Right in our backyard here, just you can't beat it. Travel anywhere in the country you won't get better care.

Within a couple of weeks I was back to one hundred percent. In fact efficient, back to working on cars, working on houses, doing what ever I want. It's a miracle.


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