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Tom Davis

A mended heart keeps him on pace

Tom Davis


Tom: I have experienced and suffered through having atrial fibrillation for more than thirty years. Dr. Taigen studied it and said it's about time we put a pacemaker in.

The coordination between Dr. Taigen's staff, the whole cardiology group, and the hospital is incredible. You totally feel like I'm at the right hospital. The nursing staff, their concern for your well-being, is paramount to them. It wasn't just my effervescent personality. They treat everybody like that.

There's indeed stress in going to the hospital, but once you get there after a day or two you really don't want to leave. And I have more energy. I'm more alert. I have Dr. Taigen to thank for that.

The best part of having a pacemaker is I'm under strict orders from Dr. Taigen not to cut the lawn anymore. I can certainly deal with these restrictions. There's no question about it. I have to stop laughing.


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