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Tony and Sandy Solaro

Heart patient experiences a miracle

Sandy and Tony Solaro


Tony: Our care experience began when Sandy had a cardiac arrest. We flew by helicopter to Akron City.

Sandy: I was hospitalized four months, and the care was very good.

Tony: To see people so dedicated when it was so dire. Lots of hugs, from physicians as well. When a physician comes in and they refer to you by name, or a nurse comes in and holds your hand when she's giving you a medication. You feel as though you're the only patient they take care of. People have said that we are the recipients of a miracle. The miracle is the type of people that could take care of someone critically ill like this, and make sure that she could get well.

Sandy: My gratitude is that I walked away alive.

Tony: That's the miracle.

Sandy: Yes, they did save my life.


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