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Marjie Arida, Osteoporosis Patient

After receiving specialized care at the Osteoporosis Clinic, Marjie found ways to continue her productive, energetic life.

Marjie Arida


Marjie: My entire life I have worked out, and I have been very conscious of trying to keep myself in good health so that I would have longevity. When I got my bone density test, and found out I had osteoporosis, I was kind of in shock.

So I found out that Summa has a osteoporosis clinic and that there is a bone density specialist there who I absolutely loved. She prescribed a medication that will help me maintain the bone density that I already have. She also instructed me on doing more weightbearing exercises.

You know, thanks to Summa osteoporosis clinic, I have many ways to continue a productive, energetic life, and just keep moving forward 'cause this is not the end. This is only the beginning.


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