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Autumn and Yukime Winter, Pride Clinic Patients

For Yukime and Autumn, the Summa Health Pride Clinic is an oasis where they receive competent, compassionate and comprehensive gender-affirming care.

Autumn and Yukime Winter


Yukime: I was about a year into my transition when my primary care physician recommended the Summa Health Pride Clinic. The minute I walked in the door, I knew I was home. The Pride Clinic really feels like a family. They're always looking to compliment you a lot and make sure that you feel comfortable at every turn.

Autumn: Before I went to the Pride Clinic, I often felt like I was educating my doctors on how to take care of me as a trans patient. But with Summa Pride...

Yukime: It really feels like they actually have experience and know what we need. I first went to the Pride Clinic for hormone replacement therapy, but they've kind of become my one stop shop for everything.

Autumn: Yeah, they've helped me with both surgical and psychiatric and even just primary care. I've been transitioning for a long time, in several different places across the country, and nowhere was better than going here to the Pride Clinic.

Yukime: Pride Clinic's like an oasis.

Autumn: It's a little oasis in the desert of trans care.

Yukime: Yeah.


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