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Erin Schermesser (She/Her), Pride Clinic Patient

Thanks the Pride Clinic for helping her be the person she is

Erin Schermesser


Erin: I was living a very traditional life. I had a son, I had a house, I was married and had my career and yet I was questioning my identity. After my relationship ended, I finally had the time to explore myself and after some soul searching, I realized I'm transgender. That's who I am deep down and I needed medical help to help me transition.

I heard about Summa's Pride Clinic, some of the friendliest, nicest people. They can guide me on hormones and everything I should expect as I transition. I'm genuinely happy in my life, I get to be who I am. And Summa's Pride Clinic has helped me with that transition.

I have a long journey ahead for sure and it's great to know that I'm gonna have people like Pam and Carson and Dr. Hamler, especially to help me along the way. That means the world to me.


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