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Arnold Oden, Primary Care Patient

For first time in his life, felt that a doctor really cared about him

Arnold Oden


Arnold: In 2004, that's when I really turned my life around at the house of the Lord. And it was Bishop Johnson that referred me to Summa Health Equity Center. Thank you, Bishop.

At the New Season Health Clinic, Dr. Pankey makes you feel that he really care about you. And I never felt that before in a doctor in my whole life I felt confident in him and he just took charge. My cholesterol was off the charts. I was right at the point of having a stroke and Dr. Pankey gave me this medication and over with, no high cholesterol period now, none.

I got my mom going there now, my sister, my auntie, my friends, I just tell everybody, 64 years old, strong as red devil's lies, all because of Dr. Pankey and New Seasons.


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