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Doris Roberts

At Summa for 58 years, it's a comfort and warmness that stands out.

Doris Roberts


Doris: I have been in the care of Summa Health for 58 years. I gave birth there to my three beautiful daughters, and my grandchildren were born at Summa Health. Then I went to Summa for two knee replacements and a hip replacement. My family and I have been one of Summa's best customers.

Dr. Platt was my family doctor for 56 years. Used to call me "Saint Doris." I still go to Summa for my primary care.

I feel very welcome there. It's the warmness of the people. It's the loving, tender greeting that they greet you with.

I don't want to go back to the hospital, but it is comforting to know if I have to, that Summa is right here in my back yard.


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