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John Livers

Heart patient enjoys renewed energy

John Livers


John: My doctor's name is Vivek Bhalla, but I call him "Vick." He's been my family physician for several years. He's more like a friend than my doctor. I ask him several times to go golfing and I need to get him out of the office.

I was in the airport and I started walking and I had some serious chest pain and shortness of breath, and I called Dr. Bhalla, and he said immediately go over to the ER. I had 90% blockage on the artery they call the "widowmaker," and they reassured us that when we got there that everything was going to be ok. And so they put in a stent. Saved my life.

Very nice, they treated me like I was a guest more than a patient. Thanks to the people at Summa Health, and thank God for Dr. Bhalla, and for getting me to the hospital right away, or I probably wouldn't be here.

It's fixed my heart problem, but it hasn't helped my golf game any. I'm still just the hacker like I was before. But at least now I'm enjoying it better.


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