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Maria Velasquez, Primary Care Patient

Maria is grateful for the multi-generational and compassionate care she and her daughter receive at Summa Health.

Maria Velasquez


Maria: The first time I came to Summa Family Medicine is when I learned that I was pregnant with my daughter, Amari Velasquez. And 18 years later, I'm still there with Dr. Brooke Babyak.

Dr. Brooke Babyak is also my daughter's doctor. The fact that she can relate to all generations in our family, it's very, very important to me. She has been with me with challenging times. The worst was my breast cancer.

She held my hand. She would call me just to see how I'm doing. She's still with me and I love her. And Amari loves, adores her too. She looks at Amari like her little sister. That's our family doctor , and we would love to be with Dr. Brooke Babyak 'til the rest of our days.


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