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Olga Kurtz

Doing everything she wants to do, with primary care support.

Olga Kurtz


Olga: 35 years ago I was looking for a doctor when I moved back to Akron, and I went to Summa Health and loved it.

I'm 90 years old, and I give Summa credit for keeping me going.

I've had a heart attack, four catheterizations, two carotid surgeries and a partridge in a pear tree. I've had it all with Summa.

Dr. Teagarden is my family medicine doctor now. I really adore her. She explains everything to me. We discuss things together. We make decisions together.

One of the things that keeps me going is just curiosity. I love to discover new things. You can't do the things you want to do if you are not healthy. And Summa helps me to do the things I want to do.

For my age I think I'm doing pretty well. I've written four books. I'm on my fifth book. And I think that's pretty good.


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