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Oz Simons

Lifelong patient creates a friendship

Oz Simons


Carol: My dad's been under the care of Dr. Jay Williamson for 45 years. Dr. Williamson is perfect.

Oz: We've been buddies for a long time. He came to my birthday party the other day I was surprised to see him there. Well I'm 100 years old. I told him he can take credit for that.

Carol: He's a lot of support for me as the caregiver.

Oz: He's been so good with his relationship with Carol.

Carol: The care at Summa, whether it was a nurse, or housekeeping, or a doctor, was attentive, caring and responsive.

What do you think is the secret to your long life?

Oz: Clean living. Taking care of yourself, and having the right doctor.

Carol: I am so glad that we're all with Summa. I just can't say enough.


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