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Reggie Eggleston

Multi-faceted support team activates a successful wellness plan

Reggie Eggleston


Reggie: Well I came to Summa in the worst situation you can imagine. Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, a stroke. They put together a team and treated me for everything.

Sandy is the quarterback. She makes everything run smoothly. Dr. Lori is a 10, she knows her stuff. She has set my alarm on my phone. Every time you hear this alarm, I want you to take your medicine. Little things like that a doctor has never done. Dr. Wells, he counsels you. You've got to eat healthy now. It's the vegetable and the fish and the poultry, and I'm about to change my life.

I can't wait, the first thing I'm going to do is go to the amusement park and ride the fastest roller coaster I can find. And that's going to be my touchdown when I get off that roller coaster, if I'm in one piece. I'm going to live a better life.


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