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Ron Burgess

A multi-generational primary care patient of Dr. Jay Williamson

Ron Burgess


Ron: I am the third of four generations under the care of Dr. J. Williamson. Dr. Williamson's whole team over at the primary care is just fantastic.

They do a great job at Summa. He took care of my grandmother, grandfather, my mother, my father, myself, my sister, and my sister's daughter. So, I was like an extended family member. My mother swears she was the first patient for Dr. Williamson, and right out of medical school.

He really goes the extra effort. He calls my mother at home and takes extra time in the office visits. He visited my father in the nursing home, for example. He's patient with his patient.

What I've always felt is really nice that he knows the heritage from my grandmother, grandfather, and so forth all the way down to me, so it makes it nice that he knows my history.

He's a local guy, he's just... I see him at the Wally Waffle and whether or not that's his approved diet or not.

But if he ever retires from Summa, moves to Florida, I just might have to move down there as well!


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