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Mary Wolfe, Sleep Medicine Patient

After sleeping half her life away, she can now stay awake and enjoy time with her grandkids.

Mary Wolfe


Mary: Since I was 24 years old, I suffered with narcolepsy. When I come home from work, I slept. Looking back, I slept half my life away. I missed my grandkids' life, I missed a lot.

I was referred to the sleep medicine specialist at Summa Health. So I met Dr. Deoras. A kind, caring man. He takes the time to really listen to you, and then he's got the answers. I mean, he just seems to know what you need. He ordered some medication for me, and I've just been fine ever since.

Life has been changed totally. Now I can stay awake, I can enjoy my grandkids, even the simple things like watching TV or playing with my phone, you know, I'm awake, and that feels so good. For anyone that's suffering any kind of a sleep problem, you need to go see Dr. Deoras because you know your life could change just like mine. I felt like a sleeping beauty, and my prince came along, Dr. Deoras, and woke me up.


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