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Ron Finklestein, Sleep Medicine

After struggling to get quality sleep for years, Ron is now sleeping like a baby with the assistance of INSPIRE and the care he received at the Summa Health Sleep Clinic.

Ron Finklestein


Ron: I've struggled with sleep since I was a baby. We tried drugs, we tried CPAP, we tried all kinds of different sleep therapies, and I finally found Summa Sleep Clinic with Dr. Deoras and the sleep study showed that I was waking up 26 times an hour.

Dr. Deoras thought I would be a good candidate for something called Inspire. The Inspire is a device that they install in the upper chest and there's an electrode that's attached to the tongue and it has a charge that keeps the throat open when I'm sleeping. To turn it on I just put it here and press the green button.

The Inspire device has changed my life. I enjoy doing woodworking and before Inspire I wasn't safe in my shop around all the power equipment. After Inspire, I'm back to working in my shop doing what I love, which is building furniture. Thanks to Summa Sleep Clinic and Dr. Deoras, I'm finally sleeping like a baby.


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