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Angela Shelton

Enjoying a full life after kidney surgery

Angela Shelton


Angela: I had back pains. I had thyroid problems. I had kidney stones. And I finally came into care of Dr. Dankoff at Summa. After numerous attempts to try to save my kidneys, breaking down the stones, he decided that I had to have my kidney removed. I was terrified.

Summa's doctors, they really worked as a team. And all of them they made sure that I got the top quality care that I deserved. Without Dr. Dankoff, I don't know if I would be here today. I just feel that Dr. Dankoff is just a savior to me. He has just saved my life. I would do anything for Dr. Dankoff because I'm his biggest fan.

Before the surgery, I wasn't able to enjoy my children. Now I'm able to go skating, maybe to go bowling. You name it. I'm enjoying life.


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