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Bob Titus

Appreciates Summa Health caring for his kidney stones and our community

Bob Titus


Robert Titus: I woke up one morning and was feeling really bad. A lot of severe pressure and pain in my abdomen. I went to my local doctor and they did a scan and found out that I had two large kidney stones.

I went to see Dr. Dankoff at Summa Health. He said that the kidney stones were so large that I needed to have surgery. The procedure that I had was a lithotripsy to blast the kidney stones.

A little bit about Dr. Dankoff. One of the most caring, genuine, amazing men in the medical field that I have ever met. In fact, I'm the CEO of OPEN M and we have a free clinic and Dr. Dankoff comes on a monthly basis and sees our patients, volunteering.

I would say the culture of Summa Hospital is a neighborhood Hospital. We are so blessed to have Summa Hospital right here in our backyard in Akron. And I am really blessed to not have those kidney stones any longer.


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