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Lenny Lott, Urology Patient

After an innovative urological procedure, his prostate issues were gone the next day.

Lenny Lott


Lenny: I had trouble urinating. For about a year, year-and-a-half, I was going more frequent, wasn't draining my bladder out and then it really started to be painful. It was getting worse all the time.

I knew I had to do something, so I went to Summa Urology and went to see Dr. Kevin Spear. He told me I had an enlarged prostate and there's a new procedure they were doing called Aquablation and he was one of the few doctors that could do it, so I said, I'm in. We'll try that. I had the procedure done. It was on a Monday and I got out Tuesday morning. No problems. Started urinating like I did 20 years ago. Dr. Spear and his team at Summa, they're great and the nurses were awesome. Dr. Spear is, he's personal. He really cares what he's doing and he's very good at what he does.

A lot of men my age, we're gonna have prostate problems and there's a lot of options out there and I found mine at Summa Health, so I'd recommend to anybody.


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