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Robin Rice, Prostate Cancer Patient

Grateful to watch his grandchildren grow after beating prostate cancer

Robin Rice


Robin: I was having trouble urinating. And I went to Summa Urology. During his examination, he discovered that my prostate was enlarged. Dr. Dankoff did a biopsy, and it was discovered that I had prostate cancer.

When you hear the word cancer, it's almost, it was like the end of life. When I met Dr. Arora, it was like a knight in shining armor. He let me know that it wasn't the end of life. And he scheduled robotic surgery. What I learned about robotic surgery is that it is so precise, they take out exactly what they need, and nothing more.

You know, when I got that call that I was cancer-free, my wife and I did a dance of joy and praise. I have 18 grandchildren and one great-grand. Dr. Arora has extended my life, as far as I'm concerned, for me to be able to watch them grow.

You know what I would say to guys? Set your pride aside. Get that prostate examination. It just might save your life.


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