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Thomas Mack

Living life to the fullest after kidney stone surgery

Thomas Mack


Thomas: I'm a really young guy. I love sports. I workout daily. I do extreme sports. I eat very healthy. And then out of nowhere, I show signs of having blood in my urine. My primary care doctor at Summa Health referred me to Dr. Dankoff. Dr. Dankoff actually determined that I had a massive kidney stone over two inches. Typically they measure kidney stones in millimeters, but this was in inches. Dr. Dankoff told me the only way to get this stone this size out is through surgery, and a young guy like me, that's the last thing I want to hear. From the first phone call with Dr. Dankoff, I was able to really be put at ease.

After the surgery I was so grateful that everything was so great. I was thanking every single person I saw. I just wanted to tell everybody how great of a job they were doing.

Within two weeks I was back running, lifting, playing volleyball on my league. And even shortly after that I went whitewater rafting. You know living life to the fullest. And I got the picture to prove it.


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