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Kristie Walden

A special visitor brightens her hospital stay

Kristie Walden


Mary: This is Vegas, and Vegas is a volunteer here at Summa Health with the WAGtime program. WAGtime dogs visit patients in their rooms to bring them comfort and joy.

Kristie: Just having Vegas visit me makes me forget about the pain. And just petting him make my blood pressure go very low. I'm sure it looks like he is very low too today. The soothing and the calming of petting them. Having somebody loving you unconditionally. Having Vegas visit me in the hospital has been the best part of my hospital stay. Everyone should have a visit from Vegas. It puts a smile on your face.

Mary: Not only do they bring comfort to the patients, but joy to the staff as well. Once and a while we put him in a wheelchair and that gets a real reaction. Vegas loves a ride. With dogs there is only one language, and it's the language of love.


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