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Robert Petz, Nutrition Services Weight Loss Patient

Struggled with weight his entire life, until he met Dr. Dejak

Robert Petz


Robert: I struggled with weight my whole life. I did. I was up to 300 pounds. I found myself at the Summa emergency room, struggling to breathe. Something had to change. So I got a flyer in the mail from the Summa Weight Management Institute. Gave 'em call the very next day, got an appointment, never looked back.

Dr. Dejak taught me how to make healthier food choices, to read the labels, and she really keeps you motivated. It's not a piece of cake, no pun intended. You have to change your lifestyle. I've done this for a year now, and I lost 100 pounds. God, I feel better!

To know I'll be around for my grandkids, my kids. They've been such encouragement for me. I owe it to Summa, Dr. Dejak, the Summa Weight Loss Center. It changed my life, it really has. I feel so much better.


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