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Alicia Fitzgerald, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Living her best life with the support of Summa Health

Alicia Fitzgerald


Alicia : I was struggling with weight ever since I had my son. I kept putting on pounds until I had to take control. My primary care physician referred me to the Weight Management Institute at Summa. When I met Dr. Pozsgay, he said I was a great candidate for bariatric surgery, and it just changed my life totally.

Bariatric surgery definitely is not a fix-all. You have to do your work. You have to eat right. You have to do your exercise.

Dr. Pozsgay and the weight loss management team is beyond unbelievable. The support that they have showed me through this whole journey has been tremendous, and I'm forever grateful.

As a result of surgery, I lost 160 pounds. That's a whole nother person, and boy, I feel beautiful and look beautiful. Thank you to Summa. Life today is like a miracle. I'm living my best life.


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