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Annabelle Blankenship, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Living proof that there is hope – and help.

Annabelle Blankenship


Annabelle: I believe my highest weight was 367 pounds. And so I knew that I was on a path to developing a lot of health concerns and health issues, if I didn't take control. My primary care doctor referred me to Summa Weight Loss Management Institute, and that's where I met Dr. Dan. And he told me I'd be a great candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

The one thing I've learned is surgery is not a fix-all. You'd have to work at it every day and follow the process. I've lost over 180 pounds. When I look in the mirror now, I just see confidence. It's more than just a physical change, it's more inner and emotional. What I feel on the inside now matches the outside.

Well, the future is bright. I recently married. I know I can have children safely when I wanna start a family now. For anyone that's struggling with weight like I was, I would encourage you that there is hope and there is help. And, I'm living proof.


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