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Brian Brobson

Reclaimed his life after bariatric surgery

Brian Brobson


Brian: To look at me now, you would have never believed I weighed 497 pounds.

The wakeup call for me was when I went to the doctor's office, and I had gotten so big that it wouldn't even register my weight on the scale.

I was recommended to Summa Health's bariatric program by my primary care physician. My physician was Dr. Adrian Dan. He's very positive. He always makes you feel really secure. You know you're in good hands with him.

Summa's bariatric team approach is really the key for success for me. It focuses on mind, body and spirit. It's about nutrition and health, and giving you the tools that you need to be successful going forward. They are five stars all the way around.

Prior to the surgery, my reward was food. And what is surprising now is I reward myself with exercise and I really enjoy it.

When I look in the mirror now, I'm able to see someone who reclaimed their life. And I see a totally different person than I ever did before. And I'm ecstatic with that person.


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