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Cheda Heaton

There for her family after weight loss surgery

Cheda Heaton


Cheda: I have always struggled with my weight, and then I became wheelchair-bound. And you gain more weight, and it's very hard to get it back off. I have three family members who went through Summa's Bariatric Center. They inspired me to look into it.

I get very emotional when I talk about Dr. Zografakis. He is a hero, the best cheerleader, he pushes you, encourages you. He's like a doctor from TV, only he's for real.

Before I had bariatric surgery, I had high blood pressure, diabetes, couldn't sleep. And after the surgery, I'm no longer on all those medications. And now I can fit in to a pretty dress like this, and I feel pretty.

I'm independent, love to craft, and being the best housewife. Most importantly, I'm able to be here for my family.


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