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John Speelman, Weight Loss Surgery Patient

After having weight loss surgery at Summa Health, John’s life is completely different and he’s able to be the dad he wants to be.

John Speelman


John: - I've been struggling with my weight since eighth grade. I missed out on a lot of things with the weight gain. I'm a Cubmaster for my boys and so the breaking point for me was not being able to have the endurance that it takes to go on hikes, to do the activities that are required to be a leader.

My wife had bariatric surgery with Dr. Zografakis and the Summa Health team and I saw she had great results and so I decided to look into it also. I met with Dr Z and turned out that I was a candidate for a gastric bypass. Dr. Z encouraged me that it is a tool for me to get there and to have success.

I've gone from 260 pounds to 130 pounds and my life is completely different now. I'm able to be the dad I wanna be, the Cubmaster they need me to be. So my daughter, Lucy, she's able to give me a big hug and tells me all the time that she can get her arms all the way around me and that just brings a big smile to my face.


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