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Leontyne Lynn Jones, Weight Loss Care

After having weight loss surgery, Leontyne is enjoying life and no longer on medication.

Leontyne Lynn Jones


Leontyne: After I had my children, I just started gaining weight. I started having joint pain, back pain, found that I was a diabetic, hypertension, heart palpitations. I knew I had to do something.

A friend of mine told me about the Summa Weight Management Program. That's when I met Dr. Kenneth Wells. And he put me on a weight loss plan for a better lifestyle. He is amazing. I did lose some weight but I still needed to have the weight loss surgery. I met with Dr. Dan. And he recommended that I have the gastric bypass surgery.

I lost 96% of my body fat since I had the surgery. I am no longer diabetic. I'm no longer on medication. Life is heavenly. I am enjoying myself.


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