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Misti Miller

Weight loss patient gains happiness

Misti Miller


Misti: I turned to Summa for weight loss surgery when I realized I couldn't do it on my own. The care that I received from start to finish was absolutely wonderful. They're kind of like cheerleaders. They want to see you do better. The care didn't just stop with me. It included my family. Sometimes it's the little things that Summa did that meant the most.

My nurse made sure I was comfortable, and Dr. Dan was absolutely wonderful. When I woke up from the surgery, and I happened to see some flowers sitting there, and to realize they were sent from my surgeon, I'll never forget that. That was a nice thing to wake up to. Made me feel very, very special.

I'm healthier now because of my weight loss. I'm just so much happier, healthier, and smiling is my way of, it's shining through. Yeah, I really love the new me. I'm so thankful for Summa.


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