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Ssrelle Saikaly, Bariatric Surgery Patient

Excited to have a healthy pregnancy after gastric sleeve procedure

Ssrelle Saikaly


Ssrelle: I was always the chunky little girl, bigger than most girls my age growing up. So I was gaining weight throughout adulthood, and gained even more weight as I was having my babies, and I just didn't want high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. I tipped the scale at over 322 pounds, and that was my breaking. point.

I did some research, and I discovered the Summa Health Weight Management Institute. When I got there Dr. Zografakis told me that I would be an excellent candidate for the gastric sleeve procedure. Dr. Zografakis is one of the best surgeons, he has the best bedside manner, and he even bought me roses. Weight loss surgery definitely isn't easy, it is just a tool, but you have to continue eating right,. exercising.

Since my gastric sleeve surgery, I've lost over 150 pounds. I eat right, I exercise, and I'm even actually expecting a baby. I'm gonna have a healthy pregnancy. Yes.


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