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Stephen Catalano

Found new purpose after weight loss surgery

Stephen Catalano


Stephen: Growing up in an Italian family, we showed love with food. Before I knew it, I was tipping the scales at 312 pounds before I decided to make a change. An acquaintance of mine who had bariatric surgery through Summa really encouraged me to go speak to Dr. Zografakis and his team.

Dr. Z is a very charismatic man that truly cares about his patients, and I signed up that day. Everybody on the team was encouraging and almost acted like cheerleaders for me. Summa's bariatric program has become a tool for life, where the team is gonna be around me for the rest of my life. I've lost 138 pounds in the last 15 months. This past summer, you know, I did a 100-mile bike ride that I could have never done in the past.

As a man of faith, I do believe that God put people in my path, and the Summa bariatric team and Dr. Zografakis for a purpose, and I do believe that my purpose is to help other people and inspire other people, and that's what I'm here for.


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