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Betsey Enberg, Urogynecology Patient

Betsey suffered from pelvic pain and bloating for several years until she was referred to Summa Health. After a successful hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair surgery, she's back to doing what she loves.  

Betsey Enberg


For years, I was suffering with bloating, discomfort and pain in the pelvic floor area. It was just awful. My gastroenterologist referred me to see Dr. Thomas at Summa. She was a urogynecologist. She told me exactly what the problem was. I had the beginnings of prolapse, so the pain was getting so bad I could barely stand up and sit down and then I started to bleed. Dr. Thomas recommended a total hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair. Surgery was very successful beyond my wildest dreams. Dr. Thomas and her team treated me so well. It was just like I was their mother and the home care that I received afterwards was just phenomenal. Now I'm able to do the things I love, spend time with my grandkids. I even walk my dog. Life is good.

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