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COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

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Coronavirus Questions

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

The virus that causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its variants continue to infect people, spreading easily from person-to-person. COVID – 19 cases continue to fluctuate across Ohio, the nation and the world. Check the COVID-19 Heat Map to see up-to-date COVID-19 confirmed cases in the U.S. and around the world.

The available vaccines remain our number one defense against infection, severe illness, hospitalization and death. It’s time to get vaccinated.

Up-to-date information on COVID-19 is available at

Our physicians and infectious disease experts answer current questions about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Video 1
COVID-19 Update: Variants and Their Impact on the Pandemic
Video 2
Common Questions And Myths Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine
Video 3
COVID-19 – What you need to know about the Delta Variant
Video 4
Kids & The COVID-19 Vaccine on 5.20.21

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