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Founder's Day: The Birthplace of AA

Posted June 07, 2019 by Alan H Shein, MD, Addiction Psychiatry

Founders Day Blogs

Akron is fortunate to be the birthplace of AA, which has saved and continues to save the lives of millions of people struggling with their addictions. To this day, the 12 step program is by far the most effective support system to help stabilize one’s recovery.

This is where it all began! A struggling salesman named Bill W, and a physician, Dr. Bob, came together to establish a lifeline for the struggling alcoholic. Furthermore, St. Thomas Hospital is the “legendary” place where Sister Ignatia and Dr. Bob treated the first alcoholic in a hospital setting. As current medical director of Ignatia Hall, I am humbled and honored to continue this tradition.

As a result of Akron’s legendary status as the birthplace of AA, thousands of grateful recovering alcoholics and addicts travel from all over the world yearly to Akron and St. Thomas Hospital to celebrate Founders Day.

Since 1935, millions of lives have been saved due to AA. These grateful individuals will never forget what this program means to them. Accordingly, I firmly believe that many years from now, as Akron’s reputation as “rubber city” gradually fades, it’s notoriety as the birthplace of AA will continue to grow.

If you are struggling with addiction, the Summa Health Addiction Medicine Intensive Outpatient Program can help. Summa’s program is abstinence based and supports the use of a 12-step recovery program for obtaining and maintaining a chemical-free lifestyle. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/12-step program attendance, family involvement and random drug screenings are mandatory. For more information, call 330.379.9836 in Akron, 330.491.9215 in Canton, 330.615.5460 in Barberton, or 330.319.9768 in Hudson.


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