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Sample Rotation - Fellow 

Block 1   Methadone
 Block 2  Psych/IOP 
 Block 3 
 Block 4   Elective
 Block 5  Residential/Adolescent TX 
 Block 6   IP Consult 
 Block 7    IP Consult
 Block 8   IP Consult
 Block 9   Detox 
 Block 10   Detox 
 Block 11  Pain Management 
 Block 12   Vacation/Conference


Outpatient % 's include:

- 6 months of 1/2 day per week at Interval Brotherhood Home

- 6 months of MAT outpatient at St. Thomas Hospital soon to be relocated to the NEW Behavioral Health Pavilion which is a 60- bed inpatient and outpatient facility located on the Akron Campus.


Electives can include rotations at the following locations: 

-  Akron Children's Medical Center 

- One Eighty

- Community Health Center

- Interval Brotherhood Home 



Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.