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  1. Forms 
    1.  How to use a Clinical Decision Analysis
    2. How to use an Article about a Diagnostic Test
    3. How to use an Overview 
    4. How to use Clinical Practice Guidelines
    5. Readers Guide for Article about Therapy
    6. Users Guide for Article about Prognosis

  2. Research Resources
    1. Randomized Controlled Trials
    2. Interpreting 2x2 Tables
    3. Plethora of P-Values
    4. Establishing Equivalency
    5. Systemic Literature Review
    6. Linear Regression
    7. Descriptive Statistics 
    8. Sample Size Calculations 
    9. Confidence Intervals or P-Value
    10. Types of Studies in Medical Literature 
    11. Critical Appraisal of Scientific Articles
    12. Study Design in Medical Literature
    13. Choosing Statistical Tests 



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