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Complex Care Clinic

At Summa Health, we take a special approach to patients with the most complex needs.

What is Complex Care?

Complex care is a person-centered approach to address the needs of people who experience combinations of medical, behavioral health and social challenges that result in extreme patterns of healthcare utilization and cost.

Complex care works to eliminate gaps in healthcare by delivering integrated services for people whose healthcare needs extend beyond the traditional boundaries. The goal for these complicated cases is to live the healthiest life possible. By better addressing complex needs, complex care can reduce utilization of expensive acute services and make the healthcare system easier for patients to navigate.

Complex Care Clinic

How Our Care is Different

Since these identified patients have not historically fared well in a traditional healthcare delivery model, we have enrolled them with our team to receive intense multidisciplinary primary care and care management services.

Our patients experience high-touch care that includes

  • telephonic,
  • virtual and office visits to help address chronic disease management,
  • social determinates of health,
  • and behavioral health concerns that often impede their journey to wellness.

As part of this high-touch care, our team works with healthcare partners outside of our system to facilitate easy transitions to different levels of care and promote continuity of care. We feel patients thrive when we work collaboratively with our community partners and agencies.


How our care is different

Featured Patient Care Story


Stacie Camp's Story:

Stacie feels valued and has a better quality of life after receiving care in the Complex Care Clinic. 

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