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Patient Story

Below is a powerful and inspirational story shared by just one of the many Summa Health ENT patients. Click to watch and consider sharing your own story to help others in their own journey. For additional patient stories, covering all the quality care Summa Health provides its patients, visit
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Greg Kucinski

Audiology Patient

Hearing aids allowed Greg to enjoy listening to music again, even hearing new things for the first time.


Greg: I love music. I listen to records probably five nights out of a week. I was not enjoying it as much as I could because I knew my hearing was compromised. I asked my doctor, and she referred me to someone in the Summa group, Deanna Nickerson in audiology.

The experience with Dr. Nickerson was just wonderful. She said, "I'm not gonna tell you you need a hearing aid." She left the decision up to me. And as soon as I tried them, there was a difference. I was surprised how comfortable they were.

And life with music now is more enjoyable. I can hear more of the music. I will play an album that I have played a hundred times and hear new things in it. I hear like a young person. I wish the rest of my body could follow that, but I'll take what I can.


Craig Jenkins

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Patient

Received simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation for throat cancer


Craig: I couldn't swallow, and I knew something was wrong inside my throat, so I went to Summa, and that's where I met Dr. Khalil. He told me immediately that what he sees is cancer, and without immediate intervention, I probably only had a few months to live.

Dr. Khalil recommended chemotherapy and radiation simultaneously, and it was eight months long. The results of my treatment were so good, they don't even need to see me for a year. Yeah, Dr. Khalil, I love him. They treated me so good, it reminded me of when I went to Disneyland.

Dr. Khalil and Summa saved me. My bride passed away of cancer, and she left me two beautiful daughters that I get to enjoy the rest of my life. Sorry. There's a lot to live for, for sure.


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