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CenteringPregnancy®and CenteringParenting® Programs

CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting are forms of group care that provide at least 10 times the amount of time with your provider.

With CenteringPregnancy, patients come together in groups of 8-12 to provide support to each other and engage in discussion with their obstetrical provider. Each visit is 90 minutes to two hours, and combines the usual health assessments, followed by a discussion between patients and providers – a period to “circle up.” The facilitated discussions are driven by moms, and cover topics ranging from pregnancy development to nutrition and birth control. Depending on the specific group, moms can be at a variety of points in the pregnancy, or together at the same point. CenteringPregnancy programs have reduced pre-term births, one of the leading causes of infant mortality, by upwards of 47% nationwide.

Centering Parenting programs focus on providing mothers the support they need with their child(ren) for the first year after they give birth. In this group setting of no more than 6-8 parents, attendees engage in a group discussion on topics such as stress management, nutrition, family planning, safe sleep and more. At each visit, attendees are encouraged to bring their child for individual well visits.

Centering Programs at Summa Health

Summa Health has been providing this model of care for nearly a decade and has pioneered adopting this model of care for different populations. We currently have specialized programs geared toward mothers at risk for preterm delivery and addiction. We also have groups for low-risk pregnancies as well. Benefits include:

  • More time with your physician or nurse-midwife
  • Opportunity for socialization
  • Opportunity for peer-support
  • Increased convenience 
Additional support for the group includes access to community health workers, social workers, and a nurse case manager. We strive to provide all the services a growing family needs to have a successful pregnancy.
There is no additional cost for our Centering Programs. Patients still meet one-on-one with a doctor or midwife for their prenatal check-ups. The Centering group then meets to discuss important issues and topics relating to pregnancy and labor.

Sisterhood of Support

CenteringPregnancy Program Overview. Video Footage taken prior to 2020.

Program Locations

Summa Health Equity Center

The Summa Health Equity Center offers both CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting programs for expecting and new mothers.

Summa Health Women's Health Center

The CenteringPregnancy program at the Women's Health Center is currently focused on the care of pregnant women with addiction.

Summa Health Family Medicine Center

The CenteringParenting group at the Summa Health Family Medicine Center focuses on providing mothers the support they need with their child(ren) beyond pregnancy within a group of peers.

Summa Health System - Barberton Campus

The CenteringPregnancy program at the Barberton Campus is focused on providing care for low-risk pregnancies.

Summa Health White Pond Medical Center

The CenteringPregnancy program at White Pond is focused on providing care for pregnant mothers with enhanced clinical and peer support throughout their pregnancy.

Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.