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Patient Stories


Diane Conrad

Digestive Health Patient

For years avoided a colonoscopy but now an advocate after stage four tumor removal surgery


Diane: One morning I just woke up and I was in excruciating pain on my side. So I went to the Summa emergency room. I was just so scared.

They did a CT scan there and they discovered two lesions on my liver, and they sent me to a gastroenterologist. The doctors in digestive health actually convinced me to have the colonoscopy. That's where Dr. Welch discovered a golf ball-sized tumor in my colon. This was a stage four tumor that had spread to my liver. Dr. Welch and Dr. Cocieru actually teamed up for surgery and they removed that part of my bowel and the lesions on my liver all in one surgery.

For years, I avoided getting a colonoscopy but now I just wanna be a spokesperson. I want everybody to go out and get theirs. And a colonoscopy is so easy. So please, people, go and get your colonoscopy so you don't have to go through what I've been through.


Mary Kay Malensek

Enjoying new flavors of life after LINX® procedure


Mary Kay: For years I was suffering with a lot of gastrointestinal problems. I had acid reflux that was just absolutely terrible, to where I was having chest pains that felt like a heart attack. My son's a chef, and he would cook these wonderful meals for us, and I couldn't eat.

My gastroenterologist finally referred me to Dr. Pozsgay at Summa Health, who thought I might be a good candidate for the new procedure called LINX, where the surgeon puts a ring of magnets just below your esophagus. And that prevents all that acid from going up into your esophagus.

The outcome for me was fantastic. As soon as I woke up and was able to eat something, I was fine. 100% fine.

I'm finally able to enjoy these wonderful meals that my son cooks for us. Now I have the opposite problem. I have to stop eating everything in sight.


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