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Patient Stories


Gary Blevins

Post-COVID Clinic Patient

Even as a former police officer, COVID-19 was as close to death as he’s come


Gary: After spending six days in the hospital with COVID, I knew I would still need care after I was discharged. I had respiratory, pulmonary, and renal problems. I called Summa Health, and they told me that they had a post-COVID care program, which is exactly what I needed.

But one of the biggest things is they get you in quick, you see the doctor, they give you the diagnostics, they schedule everything right there in the office. Then there's the follow-up. Summa's Post-COVID Clinic is like a well-oiled machine. Their goal was to get me back to me. And I put in the work, and I'm back to about 97%.

As a retired police officer, I have experienced a lot of things, but having COVID-19 is as close to death as I have ever come, I am particularly thankful for the Post-COVID Clinic and Summa Health.


Barbara and Archie Lucas

COVID-19 Survivor

Thankful to have Summa Health in their backyard


Barbara: When we heard of the COVID-19, we were taking all of the precautions, but even so, Archie began to develop symptoms. And one morning, he could not even get out of the bed. My daughter called 911. They took him to Summa, and that's where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. I was afraid that I might lose my Archie.

Archie was in the hospital for three weeks. To the people at Summa, thank you for taking care of my husband. Thank you for taking care of my family. When I heard that he was getting ready to be released, we were ecstatic.

Archie: It was just like a parade. They were all clapping their hands and everything.

Barbara: It's a miracle. To have Summa in my backyard, I just thank God for it.

Archie: Amen.


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