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In-Home Hospice Services

Jeannine Marks, family member of a hospice patient

"My mother moved from California to Ohio and we took care of her at home until she got to the point that it was time for her to go into hospice, and she went to Summa [Health]." said Jeannine Marks. 

Summa Health Hospice helps patients who have terminal illnesses, and their families, eliminate suffering and the burden. 

"You always think a doctor's job is to help you physically," said Brady Marks. "Summa doctors were always nice and helpful and made us laugh. And that was something we needed."

"Summa took us under their wing," said Jeannine. "They brought us to be with my mother and to accept that this was the end of her journey--and guide her, love her, talk to her and make sure she wasn't in pain and that she was comfortable. And it was amazing to know that we did everything we possibly could to help them through their end of life journey."


Hospice is a holistic approach to caring for extremely or terminally ill people.  It involves a team of trained professionals, available 24 hours a day, who provide medical attention, pain management and emotional and spiritual support tailored to an individual's needs and wishes.

We offer in-home hospice services in many northeast Ohio counties including Summit, Medina, Portage and Stark counties.  We also offer inpatient hospice care at our Barberton Campus.

Hospice isn't a place – it's a concept of care that can be provided anywhere.  Summa provides hospice care where the patient and family will benefit most – a patient's home, a nursing facility or within many of our northeast Ohio hospitals.

Our hospice team focuses on delivering medical, psycho-social, emotional and spiritual support, most of which is provided in the patient’s own home. This approach enables families to remain together where they are most comfortable. In addition to caring for the patient, hospice teams also provide compassion and support to loved ones during the illness and grieving process.

Summa Health's goal is to provide uncompromising quality care to terminally ill patients and the people who love and care fore them. Our hospice services allow patients and their families to maximize each and every day -while we help to fill the gaps in individually designed patient care plans with a supportive network of medical professionals and volunteers.

Hospice (new and existing) patients, call 234.200.1210 to discuss your options.


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.