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Qualifying For At-Home Healthcare

Summa Health at Home™ gives adult patients of all ages the opportunity to heal from illness or injury where they feel the most comfortable – at home. Our physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and home health aides provide healthcare services in your home, and depending on the type of service, up to seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

When do you qualify and need Summa Health at Home services?

Summa Health at Home is helpful for patients who find it difficult to leave their homes for medical, physical or psychological reasons.

Other for qualification triggers include:

  • chronic, severe illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia, stroke or chronic heart failure
  • physical disadvantages such as difficulty walking or fear of falling
  • multiple medications

Most healthcare providers and Medicare provide coverage for at home services but individual coverage varies.

Do you have a family member or loved one that might benefit from Home Care Services?

Answer the following statements to the best of your ability. If you answer yes to any statement below, your family member or loved one may benefit from Home Care Services.

Family Member/Loved One:

  • Requires frequent trips to the doctor’s office or hospital (more than 3 visits in 6 months).
  • Has problems taking medications or understanding how to take medications.
  • Requires treatments that need to be done at home, such as checking blood sugar, using oxygen, taking care of a wound or using some type of medical equipment.
  • Has difficulty walking, falls, is easily tired, does not have enough strength to complete a task.
  • Has vision or hearing problems, which may present a safety risk.
  • Needs frequent monitoring of blood sugar, blood pressure or breathing.
  • Feels depressed, anxious or confused so it is more difficult to care for him/her.
  • Has difficulty caring for him/herself as it pertains to bathing, getting dressed, preparing meals or walking.

Home health services may be the alternative that will send you or your loved one on the road to better health.; For more information about home health services in the greater Akron area or to make an appointment, contact us at 234.200.1205


Options to Request an Appointment

If your situation is an emergency, call 911.