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Center for Clinical Inquiry

Summa Health’s Center for Clinical Inquiry supports staff in using an evidence-based methodology to answer clinical questions, develop process improvements and make informed patient-care decisions. 

Healthcare Solutions Based On Evidence

Do you have a clinical question about your healthcare practice? Wonder if there’s a better way to perform a task? Or curious about why something is done a certain way? The Summa Health Center for Clinical Inquiry assists clinicians and staff in using an evidence-based methodology to solve problems, find answers to clinical questions, and guide the implementation, sustainment, and dissemination of best practices and processes. 

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the infrastructure to build a sustainable evidence-based decision-making organization to become highly reliable and achieve the quadruple aim.

Center for Clinical Inquiry


The Summa Health Center for Clinical Inquiry’s vision is to promote and support clinical inquiry to elevate professional practice embodied within Summa Commitments.


The mission of the Summa Health Center for Clinical Inquiry is to provide the infrastructure to support staff in using an evidence-based methodology to solve problems. We do so by: 

  • Developing an engaged and productive repository for clinical inquiry
  • Facilitating translation of research
  • Promoting evidence-based practices within Summa Health
  • Consulting on the commitment to high-quality, reliable compassionate care

Evidence-Based Practice

The goals of EBP are to reduce variations in practice, enhance the quality of care, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

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Meet Our Team

Our team consists of experienced leaders who offer expert guidance and support in aligning current practice with the best available scientific evidence. 

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Please reach out to the Center of Clinical Inquiry if you have questions or would like to submit a request.


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