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Vital for improving health. And lives.

“I turned my life around. Summa turned my health around.”

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Meet Arnold

Arnold is the world’s best auto detailer. Just ask him.

"I've been cleaning cars since I was six or seven years old. My uncles would give me 50 cents to wash their cars on Saturday. And if they see something wrong with it, I had to do the whole car over again. I call it positive criticism."

Over the years, his business has outgrown several spaces and he's had to expand. But while his detailing business was going strong, his health wasn’t. Several years ago, he was experiencing health issues. He had low energy, wasn’t eating and was losing weight.

"I was scared because I thought I had cancer."

Arnold had been to other doctors, but did not have a good experience – he felt they didn’t listen to him, dismissed him and the staff was not friendly.

Finding Summa Health

The Bishop at his church recommended he try Summa Health Equity Center, a primary care facility located right in his neighborhood. Arnold made an appointment and met with Dr. Edward Pankey and was shocked by the care he received. He had an instant connection with his doctor, and everyone from the receptionist to the clinical staff treated him with respect and caring.

It was discovered he had high blood pressure and his cholesterol level was off the charts. Dr. Pankey put him on medication to address his issues. Arnold thinks Dr. Pankey really prevented a stroke. He also treated him for a serious migraine episode – getting him in the hospital right away.

"I've never had a doctor care about me like that in my life. Dr. Pankey did a lot of blood work to find out what was going on with me. I was telling him every time I swallowed, I could feel something in my throat. I was weighing like about 140. And I weighed like 180, 190 pounds.”

Dr. Pankey referred Arnold to a throat doctor.

Arnold ended up needing surgery to remove his thyroid. Summa checked for cancer, and luckily, none was found. After the surgery, he started eating and feeling better.

"My weight started coming back. My energy level went up. I'm looking at a mirror like 'Yeah, I look good, you know.'

“I'm 65 years old, and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in my whole life. It's all because of my Summa doctor."

Learn More About Our Primary Care Services

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